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It's play time !

Complete package for any board game application.

This pack contains lot of prefabs useful for rpg games (dice 4-6-8-10-20 with color variantes), dominos, dices games, ludo games, draughts game, poker games and any card games :

- 52 Play cards (french suit)
- 3 Decks of card
- 2 Simple dice
- 25 Dices for rpg (d4, d6, d8, d10, d20 with five different colors)
- 1 Dice shaker
- 28 Dominos
- 2 Draughts pawns (black and white)
- 4 Simple pawns (four different colors)
- 9 Tokens (four simple counters and five poker tokens)
- 3 Boards (ludo board, draughts board, poker board)

Fully optimized

The 52 cards have only 1 material, and only 1 texture.
Same for the 28 dominos.

Ready to use !

All prefabs are already created, sample boards prefab are available for ludo, draughts and poker.
Cards uv texture are shared for any customization. You can chosse between 3 back of card with a simple script.

Textures are optimized (512x512px, 1024x1024px)

All textures are available on 2048x2048px in a specific folder!

Detailed informations about polycount, wireframe renderer, texture size and asset utilization :
Pdf picto Documentation - English
Pdf picto Documentation - Français

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