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Cartoon Textures HD - Megapack image External Link Unity 3D - Asset Store link

Lot of hand-painted textures for any cartoon/funny application.

High resolution and perfect seamless.

This package contains over 70+ hand-painted textures completely seamless (horizontal and vertical) in very good resolution (2048px x 2048px)

All of them come with many variantes for color, environment (sand/snow/grass on them) and details (more dirts, more rocks, more flowers)

All textures works perfectly with Unity tools (terrain, material and tree editor) and with any paint tool (Pixologic applications, Substance and other softwares...)

More textures will be available soon !

A lot of textures will be available for next weeks :
- Oriental theme
- Urban theme
- Organic theme
- Spatial theme
- Dungeon theme
- Tropical theme
- Ruin theme
- Aquatic theme
- Animated textures
- Normal map for all textures
- More variants for the existing textures
- And more updates according to your feedbacks !

Don't hesitate to give your opinion on the External Link Cartoon Texture HD - Megapack discussion thread.

Overview thumbnail Grass thumbnail Snow thumbnail Sand thumbnail

Water thumbnail Grasses details thumbnail Trees thumbnail Ground thumbnail

Ground thumbnail PCliff thumbnail Stoned cliff thumbnail Beige slabs thumbnail

Orange slabs thumbnail Grey slabs thumbnail Wood thumbnail Wooden planks thumbnail

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