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Warning ! Don't disturb the piranha !

Nice 3D Piranha with complete material (albedo, normal and specular map), 5 animations (mecanim preset), wave/bubbles particles system, 3 versions of the models (high poly, medium poly and low poly) and psd file for custom icon.

Webplayer for full animations is available here !

Complete mecanim preset !

All mecanim system are already associated, with script and triggers.
This package contain 5 animations :
- Idle animation
- Swim animation
- Bite animation
- Bite by jumping animation
- Die animation (with idle animation when die)

Customize your own piranha icon !

A psd file are available in 256x256px for custom icon. This file contain 2 folders (icon enabled and icon disabled) with alpha integrated, so you can easily customize your own icon.

Ready to use !

All prefabs are already created (high, medium and low poly prefabs).
Animations are already set in the mecanim system, and script for this animations and particle systems are already associated.

All textures are available on 2048x2048px in a specific folder !

Detailed informations about polycount, wireframe renderer, texture size and asset utilization :
Pdf picto Documentation - English
Pdf picto Documentation - Français

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