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A full and optimized Low Poly package for any type of fast-foods you can imagine !

Over 130 prefabs available, each of them perfect world scaled, with 3 Level of Detail and sharing the same material/texture for the best performances !

Burgers (11 objects)
Big burgers, small burgers, toast burgers, all with different flavors (chicken, steak, fish, ham...)

Pizzas (20 objects)
Capricciosa (mushrooms, ham, olives, artichockes), Hawaiian (pineapples, ham, cheese), Margherita (mozzarella, tomatoes, basil), Pepperoni (pepperoni, cheese, tomatoes), Salmon (salmon, shrimps, sour cream), all with different slice part (full, half, quart, single slice)

Sandwiches (18 objects)
Hot-dogs (ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard), kebab, baguette sandwiches (dried sausage, ham, meat, salad) with different sizes, white bread sandwiches (dried sausage, ham, salad) with different sizes (full, triangle)

Beverages (20 objects)
Soda cans, glass bottles, carton cups with straw, all with different sizes and flavors (cola, orange, lemon, water, coffee...)

Sides (22 objects)
Fries, nuggets, onion rings, potatoes, all with different sizes and containers (paper box, carton box, single one)

Sweets (6 objects)
Milk-shakes, sundaes, all with different flavors (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, caramel, fruits)

Sauces (9 objects)
Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, all with different containers (big bottle, hand bottle, little pot)

Other props (24 objects)
Packaging boxes for burgers and pizzas, napkins, trays, all with different sizes and colors.

Maximum graphics performance !

All prefabs are already created, in real size (1 unit = 1 meter), has their pivot point perfectly set and all objects includes at least 2 Level of Detail, with the majority with 3 Level of Details.

Only one texture and only one material for all prefabs, with a minimal color palette 64px x 64px.

This package is completely compatible with Unity 2019.4 and higher, and perfectly optimized for standard and mobile projects.

Support Universal Render Pipeline (URP) :
Pdf picto Documentation - How to convert for URP

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