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You are the glow !

The Mouse Interaction - Object Highlight system allows multiple interaction between objects and mouse / center of screen.
This system adds an effect of highlight to objects hit by mouse (or center of screen) and a tooltip can be displayed near this object.

Highlights, tooltips and all other settings are completely customizable for all applications you want (point'n'click, first-person rpg, first-person adventure, fps, hidden object, escape the room and so many games you're able to develop)

Webplayer for full animations is available here !

Two ways of interaction (mouse and center of screen)

A simple box can be ticked for switching between two ways of interaction.
Mouse interaction allows objects to interact with the mouse cursor.
Center of screen allows objects to interact with the center of the view (like first-person games)

Highlight effect is completely customizable

You can customize the highlight color, the speed of interactions (color fading) and the emission value of the highlight (object appear more bright)

Tooltip is completely customizable

All settings of the tooltip are customizable.
You can change the text, text color (and alpha), text size, text font, text alignment, text shadow (color, alpha and position) and text position (about mouse/center of screen)
Finally you can hide or show the text.

Extremely easy to use

All settings are available in the inspector panel, so no need to edit the script if you want to customize the system.
Even so scripts are very clean and completely commented.
For the center of screen interaction, attach the CameraRaycast script to your main active camera.

Evolutive system

Many features will come very soon, and the Mouse Interaction - Object Highlight system will grow up over time.

Available on the next update :
- Highlight for grouped objects
- Detailed tooltip (like mmorpg)
- Minimum/maximum distance for interactions
- System of selecting
- Object animation when interacted with mouse / center of screen

How to use

- Put the MouseInteraction script on the object
- Make sure to have put a collider on the object
- Put the CameraRaycast script on the main camera (if you want the center of screen interaction)
- Let's play !

Demo scene can be sent on request.

All platforms supported

For more informations about the Mouse Interaction - Object Highlight system
Pdf picto Documentation - English
Pdf picto Documentation - Français

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